We can provide audits for both performance and security

We offer 2 levels of audits

Full audit


Complete analysis and best practice

Project set up in our online ticketing system

Discussion with client and developer to ensure a clear understanding of current website and future development requirements

Review of existing immediate issues with priority sequence

Review the codebase for modifications outside best practices. Document and propose fixes/solutions including full site rebuild where warranted.

Review custom code for coding and security issues.

Review Performance/Hosting and any other consideration like 3rd party API's and services. Make recommendations where needed.

Provide summary of findings with recommendations on site improvements and discussion with client

Simple audit

Basic review

Provides checks and balances to ensure professional support.

Provide a baseline for future site development.

This will suit sites built robustly to standards where a client has ample understanding and confidence in their platform.

It will allow a lower-level overview compared to the Full Site Audit but will still give a detailed insight into the condition of your site.